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The Berenguer Group offers the following value added services to supplement and enhance your employee’s benefit plans:

We shall be available to Employer and its employees for service at all times, and will make available a 24 hour hotline.

We shall provide services in English and Spanish.

We shall become involved with any of the Employer’s or employees’ concerns and/or problems related to the Insurance Coverage.

We shall be available at all times for enrollments and/or benefit orientation. It is suggested that a monthly orientation be scheduled for employees becoming eligible the 1st of the following month.

We shall make available to Employer and its employees the services of our Legal Department for purposes of GRIEVANCE handling and coordination. This service is to continue through the grievance process and any appeals to the carrier’s board of directors or the State of Florida Department of Financial Services, The Agency for Health Care Administration, and the Statewide Subscriber and Provider Assistance Panel. This service does not include litigation, mediation or arbitration.

We shall make sure that all additions or deletions of employees and their dependents are handled in a prompt, accurate, and efficient manner.

We shall obtain information necessary to prepare a proposal request or to make plan changes in sometimes complex situations where significant time, skill, and expertise are required to organize employee benefits data.

We shall prepare sophisticated comparisons with competing proposals.

We shall analyze and update insurance coverage and claims experience at least every 6 months, and shall communicate an action plan to help control claims experience.

  • Fully insured self-funded plans
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Dental Plans
  • Vision Insurance
    Life Insurance (Group and Individual)
  • Disability Insurance (Group and Individual)
    Section 125 plans
  • Annuities
  • Retirement Plans
  • Long Term Care
  • Individual Plans
  • Gap Insurance Plans
  • Critical Illness Plans
  • Accident Plans
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